T-shirt Quilts


T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt  Quilts are available in 5 standard sizes, Throw, Twin, Full/Double, Queen or King sizes. Our standard sized quilt can contain as many as 36 t-shirts or as few as 12 t-shirts.

All t-shirts are stabilized with interfacing and most importantly, quilted with a basic meander or swirl quilting pattern on a Gammil Statler Stitch Longer quilting machine.

Quilt Layout

We will layout your t-shirt quilts for you, we alternate light and dark t-shirts. You can use the front and back of the t-shirts - keep in mind that the logo on the back are normally a little smaller than the front.  Longarm quilting with a meander or swirl pattern.


Is Shipping included?

  • Shipping is not included in the prices quoted above.
  • We ship USPS with the estimated cost being $25.00 . We will charge you the actual cost for the shipping.
  • Included insurance up to $50.00.

Is a deposit required?

  • A 50% deposit is due with t-shirt quilts.
  • Remainder to be paid prior to shipping or pick up in the store.

Who provides the t-shirts

  • Customer provides all the t-shirts.
  • Uncut t-shirts

to discuss your t-shirt quilt call us (703) 732-0471